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Installation Guides

Helifix Repair Details

Click here to download the latest repair details from Helifix.
Brickwork Support
MDC (PDF - 720 KB)
Windposts (PDF - 194 KB)
Lintels (PDF - 197 KB)
Individual Bracket Support Systems (PDF - 147 KB)
Channel & Bolts
Cast-in Channels (PDF - 495 KB)
Steelgrip (PDF - 223 KB)
Bolt Fixings (PDF - 189 KB)
Wall Ties & Restraint Fixings
Sliding Anchors (PDF - 216 KB)
Internal Head Restraints (PDF - 416 KB)
FHR Internal Head Restraints (PDF - 169 KB)
MM63 Remedial Ties (PDF - 236 KB)
RM63 Remedial Ties (PDF - 221 KB)
RR Remedial Ties (PDF - 138 KB)
Tension Systems
Halfen Detan Tension Systems (PDF - 1.24 MB)
Shear Load Connectors
Shear Load Connectors (PDF - 305 KB)
Lockable Dowels (PDF - 174 KB)
Lockable Dowel Pourable Epoxy System Information (PDF - 686 KB)
Reinforcement Continuity Systems
Keybox (PDF - 715 KB)
KSN Box (PDF - 740 KB)
KSN Anchors (PDF - 825 KB)
CB Coupler Box (PDF - 1.17 MB)
Reinforcing Bar Couplers
BT Coupler (PDF - 3.05 MB)
MBT ET Headed Anchor (PDF - 252 KB)
MBT ET Coupler (PDF - 177 KB)
Precast Concrete Accessories
CA and RA Anchors (PDF - 1.31 MB)
EdjPro Lifting Anchor (PDF - 4.45 MB)
QwikFoot Threaded Inserts (PDF - 1.07 MB)
QwikFix Threaded Inserts (PDF - 1010 KB)

Latest News

New Halfen Powerclick 100

The Halfen Powerclick System is a proven innovative technology for pipe supports in large-scale industrial plant construction. We are delighted to announce the addition of Halfen Powerclick 100 to our range, which provides superior on-site solutions for heavy-duty applications that are even more secure and sustainable for customers.

Ancon 500 Tension System renamed to Halfen Detan-D

As a future-oriented, innovative company, Leviat focuses on the ever-changing requirements of the industry, and our latest development combines the portfolio of Ancon and Halfen Tension Systems to ensure we meet the individual requirements of our customers.