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Installation Guides

Helifix Repair Details

Click here to download the latest repair details from Helifix.
Brickwork Support
MDC (PDF - 655 KB)
Windposts (PDF - 342 KB)
Lintels (PDF - 312 KB)
Individual Bracket Support Systems (PDF - 363 KB)
Channel & Bolts
Cast-in Channels (PDF - 505 KB)
Steelgrip (PDF - 308 KB)
Bolt Fixings (PDF - 408 KB)
Wall Ties & Restraint Fixings
Sliding Anchors (PDF - 368 KB)
Internal Head Restraints (PDF - 627 KB)
FHR Internal Head Restraints (PDF - 333 KB)
MM63 Remedial Ties (PDF - 500 KB)
RM63 Remedial Ties (PDF - 532 KB)
RR Remedial Ties (PDF - 324 KB)
Tension Systems
Tension Systems (PDF - 765 KB)
Shear Load Connectors
Shear Load Connectors (PDF - 569 KB)
Lockable Dowels (PDF - 1.18 MB)
Lockable Dowel Pourable Epoxy System Information (PDF - 742 KB)
Reinforcement Continuity Systems
KSN Anchors (PDF - 432 KB)
Reinforcing Bar Couplers
BT Coupler (PDF - 2.57 MB)
MBT ET Coupler (PDF - 191 KB)
Precast Concrete Accessories
Rigging Guide (PDF - 2.04 MB)
Installation CA and RA Anchors (PDF - 2.12 MB)
EdjPro Lifting Anchor (PDF - 4.45 MB)
QwikFoot Threaded Inserts (PDF - 827 KB)
QwikFix Threaded Inserts (PDF - 645 KB)
Hollo-Bolt Installation Guide (PDF - 3.11 MB)
All Installation Guides
All Installation Guides (PDF - 11.4 MB)

Latest News

Ancon now Industry Partner of NPCAA

We are pleased to confirm that we are now Industry Partner members of the National Precast Association (NPCAA) in support of their aim to advance precast as a construction method in Australia.

Building with Bricks? Count on our support...

Shelf angle systems provides flexible, cost-effective design solutions for the support of masonry cladding and are designed to suit specific applications, taking into account loading, fixings position and cavity width.