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Lockable Dowels

ESDQ-L20W (DWG - 54.4 KB)
ESDQ-L20 (DWG - 53.7 KB)
HLDQ-L30 (DWG - 55.1 KB)
ESDQ-L20W (DXF - 260 KB)
ESDQ-L20 (DXF - 256 KB)
HLDQ-L30 (DXF - 270 KB)

Latest News

HALFEN AS5216-Compliant Anchor Channels from Ancon

Available exclusively in Australia from Ancon, HALFEN HTA Anchor Channels demonstrate compliance with Australian Standard AS5216 ‘Design of Post-installed and Cast-in Fastenings’ through a new European Technical Assessment (ETA).