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Restraint Fixings

Restraint Fixings (all DXF/DWG CAD files) (ZIP - 922 KB)
FHR Restraint (DWG - 80.1 KB)
IHR-B (DWG - 188 KB)
IHR-C (DWG - 59.7 KB)
IHR-H (DWG - 59.1 KB)
IHR-V (DWG - 195 KB)
SAH-U (DWG - 78.4 KB)
SAH-UC (DWG - 77.6 KB)
SAH-UF (DWG - 78.1 KB)
SAH-UO (DWG - 78.6 KB)
SAH-UT (DWG - 78.6 KB)
SIS Tie (DWG - 80.6 KB)
SPI Tie (DWG - 79.4 KB)
IHR-B (DXF - 877 KB)
IHR-C (DXF - 591 KB)
IHR-H (DXF - 584 KB)
IHR-V (DXF - 885 KB)

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