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Windposts and Parapet Posts

Windposts Parapet Posts (all DXF/DWG CAD files) (ZIP - 196 KB)
Parapet WP1 (DWG - 44.2 KB)
Parapet WP2 (DWG - 49.8 KB)
Parapet WP3 (DWG - 49 KB)
WP1 Base (DWG - 43.6 KB)
WP1 Fixed (DWG - 52.4 KB)
WP1 Plan (DWG - 33.7 KB)
WP1 Top (DWG - 44.9 KB)
WP2 Base (DWG - 32.7 KB)
WP2 Fixed (DWG - 35.7 KB)
WP2 Top (DWG - 34.2 KB)
WP3 Plan (DWG - 33.3 KB)
Parapet WP1 (DXF - 76.8 KB)
Parapet WP2 (DXF - 78.5 KB)
Parapet WP3 (DXF - 77.3 KB)
WP1 Base (DXF - 61.1 KB)
WP1 Fixed (DXF - 93.8 KB)
WP1 Plan (DXF - 30 KB)
WP1 Top (DXF - 66.5 KB)
WP2 Base (DXF - 27.7 KB)
WP2 Fixed (DXF - 36 KB)
WP2 Plan (DXF - 139 KB)
WP2 Top (DXF - 32.8 KB)
WP3 Plan (DXF - 28.9 KB)

Latest News

Exciting Changes: We are Leviat. We are Ready.

From 9th November 2020, we will communicate with you as Leviat. Exciting changes have taken place in our business that enable us to provide you with an enhanced product and service offering, and strengthen our ability to meet your evolving needs in the future.

Ancon now Industry Partner of NPCAA

We are pleased to confirm that we are now Industry Partner members of the National Precast Association (NPCAA) in support of their aim to advance precast as a construction method in Australia.