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Unilift Systems

Ancon Unilift Systems

Lifting Systems for Civil Engineering Applications

Ancon Unilift is the ideal lifting and handling system for a wide variety of precast concrete products, particularly in civil engineering applications. The system is typically used for lifting panels, pipes, pits, manholes, road barriers, bridge beams, planks, sound walls, culverts etc.

The Unilift Lifting System consists of a range of lifting anchors, clutches and recess formers used for the safe, fast and efficient handling of a wide range of precast concrete items during manufacture, transport and installation. Unilift components are available in 6 load classes with working loads reaching from 1.3t - 32t.

Ancon Unilift Locking Klaw

These strong, safe, lightweight clutches suit all spherical head lifting anchors.

Unilift Locking Klaws are the strongest clutches on the market. Their capacity exceeds the factor of safety of 4.0 for lifting clutches as specified in AS 3850.1:2015, table 2.1.

Cone Anchors

This classic spherical-headed, forged foot anchors are the first choice for most applications. They are manufactured from hot-dipped galvanised, forged, high impact strength construction steel.

Reo (eye) Anchors

These anchors are used with a hanger bar, also known as a tension bar, where the concrete is too weak for a cone anchor. They are ideal for thin panels and other applications where the concrete shear cone developed by the anchor is insufficient to provide the working load limit of the anchor e.g. low strength concrete.

Standard Recess Formers

These products are used to accurately and reliably set the anchor into its recess in the concrete panel. Download the 'Lifting, Fixing & Anchoring Systems' brochure for more information on the different types of recess former.

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