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EdjPro EPNA10

EdjPro EPNA10

Ideal for precast panels from 125mm thick

The EdjPro EPNA10 Edge Lifting System provides a Working Load (WLL) of up to 10 tonnes when used with 20mm tension bar for panels as thin as 125mm. All components have been designed to provide the maximum clearance from the clutch to the concrete panel edge to avoid concrete spalling. For step-joint panels the anchor can also be used in combination with the EdjPro Narrow Clutch.

• All the benefits of the established EdjPro system with a narrower anchor and recess for thin panels from 125mm
• Ideal for thin panels with step joints

• Up to 10T WLL when used with a 20mm tension bar

• Anchor code, WLL and batch number are clearly visible when cast into concrete
• Complies with the requirements of AS3850.1:2015

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