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EdjPro EPHIMax

EdjPro EPHIMax

Optimum solution for heavy, plain and step-joint precast panels

The EdjPro EPHIMax Edge Lifting System has been specifically for the Australian construction industry.
It is ideally suited for lifting heavy precast panels which typically have thicknesses of 150mm and above. The unique I-shaped anchor head combines maximum capacity and stiffness with a slim anchor design for thin, heavily reinforced panels.

Ultra slim, HI working load
• 15T WLL, 55mm wide anchor, 65mm recess
• For all panels from 125mm thickness

New I-beam head
• Restricts clutch rotation
• The I-beam flanges provide a ‘shear foot’
• Lowers the risk of concrete cracking and spalling

Plain & ‘Step-Joint’ Panels
• Perfect solution for step-joint, ‘weather seal’ panels
• Slim shape for maximum edge distances
• EdjPro clutch clears the concrete when edge lifting
• Stronger performance: factory, transportation and erection

• 15T WLL when used with a 24mm tension bar
• Complies with AS3850.1:2015

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