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Head Restraints

Head Restraints

Ancon Head Restraints provide the necessary restraint to the top of masonry walls. They allow for vertical movement to accommodate shrinkage or thermal movement of the wall or structural frame, while restraining wind loads.

Ancon IHR – Internal Head Restraint

The Ancon IHR is used for restraining the top of internal walls or the top of the inner leaf of a cavity wall.The opening at the front of the channel stem is sealed to prevent mortar ingress and to ensure that vertical movement can take place between the blockwork and the structure.

The sliding tie can be provided with either a hole (IHR-B) or slot (IHR-V) to suit M8 bolts, or with a notch end to fix directly into a 38/17 or 30/20 cast-in channel (IHR-C).

The standard Ancon IHR will suit a 215mm high block and can resist a load of 1.5kN. Where the gap at the top increases from 25mm to 50mm, the working load is reduced from 1.5kN to 1.0kN. Other sizes between 150 - 250mm are available.




Ancon FHR – Head Restraint

The Ancon FHR Head Restraint is used for restraining the top of internal walls or the internal leaf of a cavity wall. The two angles clamp the top of the wall and have 10mm diameter holes to suit M8 bolts. They are supplied with two holes in the longer angle to allow the restraint to fit 100mm and 140mm blockwork. Each restraint can resist a service load of 1kN.

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