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Frame Cramps

Frame Cramps

Ancon SDB/SDV/SPB/SPV Frame Cramp

Frame cramps can be fixed to concrete, steelwork or masonry and have a single 7mm diameter hole or an 8mm x 30mm vertical slot. Ancon M6 Single Expansion Bolts are recommended for fixing to concrete, set screws or self-drilling screws for steelwork, and suitable plugs and screws for fixing to masonry.

SDV ties fixed to steelwork or concrete at the lowest point of the slot will have a safe working load of approximately 1kN. This capacity reduces as the fixing is moved away from the bend.

SPB Frame Cramp

Ancon SDB Frame Cramp

Ancon SDV Frame Cramp

Ancon SPA Frame Cramp

Where masonry is in line with a column flange, a notched wall tie is used in conjunction with a bespoke angle section to allow the mechanical fixing to be suitably located. This system is referenced SPA. The angle section features a 7mm fixing hole as standard and a slot to accept the wall tie. The slot provides vertical tolerance in the position of the tie allowing the angles to be fixed in advance of the masonry if required. Ties can be used with debonding sleeves when used at vertical movement joints. The thickness, size and shape of the angle are designed to suit each application. 

Ancon SPA Frame Cramp

Ancon ISO-TW Isolation Washer

The ISO-TW is designed for use with Ancon frame cramps referenced _ _ V when fixing to steel frames.

In addition to separating the dissimilar materials it allows cramps to be fixed to steel columns in advance of the masonry. Final adjustments to suit mortar joint levels can be made within the 30mm range of the slot without affecting the integrity of the fixing.

The practice of pre-fixing frame cramps can speed the construction process.

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