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KSN Anchors

KSN Anchors

Independent tests have verified the enhanced performance specifically offered by Ancon KSN Anchors when used in slab-to-wall moment connections.

Our research enables engineers to design construction joints without the restrictions of traditional continuity systems or the awkward anchorage lengths demanded by reinforcing bar couplers.

  • Design freedom
  • Enhanced performance
  • Independently tested
  • Variable bar length
  • Variable anchor spacing
  • Less congestion
  • Safer, faster installation
  • No bar straightening





KSN Anchor Design Program
Our free design program is available to download to simplify the specification of Ancon KSN Anchors. This easy-to-use interactive software enables calculations for moment connections and tension only applications.

The use of Ancon KSN Anchors with BT threaded reinforcing bars can simplify concrete design at construction joints, typically in wall-to-slab applications.

The anchor is cast into the face of the concrete wall. When the formwork and thread protection is removed, the reinforcing bar is screwed into the anchor. Once all other reinforcement is installed, the adjoining slab is cast to complete the installation.

This system eliminates the drilling of formwork or concrete and the dangers associated with projecting bars and on-site bar straightening. It replaces cogged or hooked bar ends simplifying bar scheduling and can be used to minimise congestion in the wall.

In addition to their use in direct tensile applications, KSN Anchors have been independently tested in moment connections where they provide enhanced performance.

KSN Anchors may also be suitable for other applications where a cast-in threaded insert is required.

System Components

KSN Anchor

The KSN Anchor is machined from tough, high reliability, hot forged Cr-Mo alloy steel, with minimum 15% elongation, to form a blank that is subsequently hot forged to form the head. The anchor head exceeds the requirements of AS3600.

There are eight anchors in the KSN range to suit the requirements of most applications.

KSN Threaded Anchor Dimensions

Anchor Ref. Anchor Length mm Nominal External Diameter mm Metric Thread mm Nominal Head Width mm Nominal Head A/F mm
KSN12S 115 21 M14x2.0 46 40
KSN12M 150 21 M14x2.0 46 40
KSN16S 130 28 M20x2.5 61 53
KSN16M 160 28 M20x2.5 61 53
KSN16L 190 28 M20x2.5 61 53
KSN20S 150 32 M24x3.0 75 65
KSN20M 190 32 M24x3.0 75 65
KSN20L 230 32 M24x3.0 75 65

Note: Ancon KSN Anchors for bar diameters 24, 28 and 32mm are available on request.

Ancon BT Starter Bars

KSN Anchors are designed for use with 12mm, 16mm and 20mm grade 500 reinforcing bar, threaded with Ancon BT metric threads. The Ancon BT system produces a full strength joint. The bar end is cut square and enlarged by cold forging. This increases the core diameter of the threaded portion of the bar to ensure that the strength of the bar is maintained. A parallel metric thread is cut onto the enlarged bar end. A 12mm bar is provided with an M14 thread, a 16mm bar with an M20 thread and a 20mm bar with an M24 thread. The threaded ends are protected by an external plastic sheath.

Standard BT Starter Bar Dimensions

Anchor Ref. Bar Diameter Thread Length Rebate Depth Required Lap Length Standard Continuation Bar Length
KSN12 12mm 14mm 36mm 435mm 535mm
KSN16 16mm 20mm 36mm 624mm 700mm
KSN20 20mm 24mm 36mm 850mm 1000mm

Note: Custom bar lengths are available on request.

KSN Anchor Box

A galvanised steel casing can be supplied with KSN Anchors installed at the specified design spacing. The unit is sealed at each end to prevent the ingress of concrete and the steel is dimpled to provide a key for the concrete. Upon removal of the formwork, the casing remains embedded in the wall with the cover in place to prevent thread contamination. The cover is removed to install the threaded bars and the rebate formed by the boxes is filled with concrete when the adjoining slab is poured. This method provides KSN Anchors with an additional 36mm of embedment making it the highest load capacity installation method available, and suitable for moment connections.

KSN Anchor Block (Reusable Plastic Mould)

This is a reusable plastic mould that is provided with mountings for the KSN Anchors at the specified design spacing. The blocks are loaded with KSN Anchors and fixed to the formwork where required. The block protects the internal threads of the anchors until it is removed, so should be left in position until this time. Once removed, the block may be reloaded with KSN Anchors ready for use on the next set of formwork or may be retained for use on future projects. The block provides the KSN Anchor with 5mm of additional embedment by offsetting it from the formwork face. This offset and surrounding rebate increases the capacity and makes this installation method suitable for moment connections.

Performance data for this system and information on specifying and ordering is given in the 'KSN Anchors' brochure available to download below.

Building Information Modelling

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