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BT Starter Bars

BT Starter Bars

Ancon BT Starter Bars include an Ancon BT Thread on one end of the bar and connect to Ancon BT Couplers and Ancon KSN Anchors. They also work in conjunction with Ancon Coupler Boxes and Ancon KSN Boxes.

They are Grade 500N bars in accordance with AS/NZS 4671:2019 and are supplied complete with a metric thread. The Ancon BT system produces a full-strength joint as the strength of the connection exceeds the strength of the Grade 500N bar. Connections with Ancon BT Starter Bars meet AS 3600 – Clause 19.3.1 (c) that fixings shall be designed to yield before ultimate failure in the event of overload.

The bar end is cut square and enlarged by cold forging. This increases the core diameter of the threaded portion of the bar to ensure that the strength of the bar is maintained. A parallel metric thread is cut onto the enlarged bar end. The threaded ends are protected by an external plastic sheath.

Standard BT Starter Bar Dimensions

Part No. Bar Size Used With Thread Thread Length Standard Starter Bar Length (inc. thread)
BTTHB12535 N12 BTC12 / KSN12 M14 14mm 535mm
BTTHB16700 N16 BTC16 / KSN16 M20 20mm 700mm
BTTHB201000 N20 BTC20 / KSN20 M24 24mm 1000mm
BTTHB241200 N24 BTC24 M30 30mm 1200mm
BTTHB281400 N28 BTC28 M33 33mm 1400mm
BTTHB321600 N32 BTC32 M36 36mm 1600mm

Starter Bars in custom lengths are available on request.

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