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Coupler Boxes

Coupler Boxes

The Ancon Coupler Box is the ideal solution for reinforcement continuity of larger bars in slab-to-wall connections. These boxes combine the standard metal Keybox casing with Ancon BT Couplers

Box assemblies are available for a variety of configurations, with straight and cogged reinforcement bars in diameters of 12 to 32mm. Coupler Boxes can also be manufactured to suit specific project requirements. Boxes can be 85, 120, 150, 190 or 220mm wide and include one or two rows of couplers.

The forces introduced by wet concrete can cause deformation of wider boxes, therefore instead of one wide box with two rows of couplers, we would recommend two single rows of couplers in an 85mm wide box.

When the steel cover is stripped and bolts are removed, threaded Ancon BT Starter Bars are screwed into the couplers leaving a lap length of bar for future connection.

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