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BT Headed Anchors

BT Headed Anchors

BT Headed Anchors create an anchorage in the concrete, replacing the need for cogged or hooked bar ends. They can simplify scheduling and bar placement, and reduce congestion in the concrete.

Designed for use on 12mm to 50mm reinforcing bars. BT Headed Anchors are internally threaded with metric threads to suit the BT coupler system. They create a full strength joint, the mode of failure being bar break.

BT Headed Anchors can be used in accordance with clause 13.1.4 of AS 3600:2018 to reduce the development length of reinforcing bar. For typical applications, the development length is reduced to 10 times the diameter of the bar*. Refined calculations can be performed using the bearing area (Ahead) values provided in the table below.

Bar Diameter12162024
Anchor Length (l) 14 20 24 30
External Dia. (d) 38 50 64 76
Net Bearing Area (mm2) 980 1649 2765 3830
Thread Size M14 x 2.0 M20 x 2.5 M24 x 3.0 M30 x 3.5
Part No. AA12 AA16 AA20 AA24
Bar Diameter28323640
Anchor Length (l) 33 36 42 45
External Dia. (d) 89 102 114 127
Net Bearing Area (mm2) 5366 7153 8822 11077
Thread Size M33 x 3.5 M36 x 4.0 M42 x 4.5 M45 x 4.5
Part No. AA28 AA32 AA36 AA40

Note: BTAA50 couplers can be manufactured. Contact Ancon for details.

*Reduction in development length based on 32MPa concrete and where K1=K3=1

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