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Masonry Support

Masonry Support

Masonry cladding on steel or concrete framed structures is normally supported by stainless steel shelf angle.

When selecting the appropriate solution, the following conditions need to be considered:

  • Cavity width
  • Building structure
  • Type of cladding
  • Masonry load
  • Differential movement

Ancon MDC Continuous Shelf Angle with Welded Brackets

MDC Bracket Angle Support

Ancon MDC

Ancon MDC is a continuous shelf angle which can carry over 8 metres of masonry and accommodate any width of cavity from 40mm in its standard form. Brackets are welded to the angle and the material content of both components is optimised to ensure the most economical solution is designed.

There are several variations of the standard MDC System that allow the shelf angle to be positioned anywhere from the top of the bracket to a position below the bottom of the bracket.

Individual brackets featuring short angles can be designed to support masonry features such as curves or arches.

Ancon CFA Continuous Angle Support

Ancon CFA

Ancon CFA

Ancon CFA is a continuous shelf angle, suitable for applications with small cavities and / or where the cavity needs to be closed. The angles are cold formed and will normally be supplied in lengths of up to 2 metres. This system can carry over 8 metres of brickwork and accommodate various cavity widths.

The Ancon CFA System is tailored to suit project specific conditions, based on the cavity size at the support and the load to be carried. Ancon will design the most economical system.

For many applications, particularly where large cavities are involved, the Ancon MDC System may prove to be a more economical solution.

Building Information Modelling

Ancon supports the BIM system and offers a wide range of objects. Please click here to download standard sections of the masonry support systems.

Latest News

Ancon now Industry Partner of NPCAA

We are pleased to confirm that we are now Industry Partner members of the National Precast Association (NPCAA) in support of their aim to advance precast as a construction method in Australia.

Building with Bricks? Count on our support...

Shelf angle systems provides flexible, cost-effective design solutions for the support of masonry cladding and are designed to suit specific applications, taking into account loading, fixings position and cavity width.