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Resin Anchors

Resin Anchors (all DXF/DWG CAD files) (ZIP - 220 KB)
RA M08 13-110 Bolt (DWG - 38.9 KB)
RA M10 20-130 Bolt (DWG - 39.1 KB)
RA M12 25-160 Bolt (DWG - 39 KB)
RA M16 35-190 Bolt (DWG - 39 KB)
RA M20 65 260 Bolt (DWG - 39.3 KB)
RA M08 13-110 Bolt (DXF - 184 KB)
RA M10 20-130 Bolt (DXF - 185 KB)
RA M12 25-160 Bolt (DXF - 184 KB)
RA M16 35-190 Bolt (DXF - 184 KB)
RA M20 65-260 Bolt (DXF - 185 KB)

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High-performance masonry support and fixing systems from Ancon have helped three of Australia’s most iconic new buildings to success in the country’s prestigious 2019 Think Brick Awards.

Ancon supports National Safe Work Month

With October designated ‘National Safe Work Month’, Ancon is putting an extra focus on identifying and removing potential work-related risks so that no employee, contractor or visitor gets injured or harmed while working in or visiting the company’s locations.