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Unicon joins Ancon

Ancon Building Products is pleased to announce its merger with Unicon, a supplier of lifting and anchoring systems to the Australian precast concrete market. Read more

Ancon at the Concrete Exhibition 2011

Ancon exhibited at the Concrete Institute of Australia's 25th Biennial Conference in October 2011. Ancon’s stand highlighted two new products which provide solutions for suspended and ground bearing concrete slabs. Read more

Shear Connector Design Program

Free software is available from Ancon that simplifies the design of movement joints in reinforced concrete. For a given application, Ancon’s design program will calculate the size and quantity of shear load connectors required, the edge distance and spacings at which they should be installed, and details of the local reinforcement. Read more

Ancon recognised for innovative thinking

CONSTRUCT, an association of concrete specialists in the UK dedicated to improving the efficiency of building in-situ concrete frames and associated structures, highly commended Ancon for its pioneering Lockable Dowel system. Read more

KS Threaded Anchors

Use of the new Ancon KS Threaded Anchor with BT threaded reinforcing bar can simplify concrete design at construction joints, typically in wall-to-slab applications. Read more