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Fire Protection

Fire Protection

Ancon shear connectors can be provided with a fire rating of 120 mins (REI 120) as per EN 13501-2. Special sleeves, manufactured from a fire barrier material, replace the compressible filler at the connector’s position in the joint. This material foams and expands during a fire to protect the connector.

Fire protection sleeves are supplied in a thickness of 10, 20 and 30mm to fit the respective joint thickness. Sleeves of different thicknesses can be used together for larger joints. The hole or holes in the sleeve are supplied to suit the connector’s dowel diameter. The air gap width should not exceed 10mm.

How to Order

Connector/Fire Protection Sleeve/Thickness
e.g DSD30/FPS/20, ESDQ/FPS/30



Width/Height (mm)


Width/Height (mm)

DSD25/FPS/10 110/150 - -
DSD30/FPS/10 110/150 DSDQ30/FPS/10 120/150
DSD50/FPS/10 110/150 DSDQ50/FPS/10 120/150
DSD65/FPS/10 110/165 DSDQ65/FPS/10 120/165
DSD75/FPS/10 110/180 DSDQ75/FPS/10 130/180
DSD100/FPS/10 110/210 DSDQ100/FPS/10 150/210
DSD130/FPS/10 130/245 DSDQ130/FPS/10 150/245
DSD150/FPS/10 130/245 DSDQ150/FPS/10 150/245
DSD400/FPS/10 150/295 DSDQ400/FPS/10 200/295
DSD450/FPS/10 150/325 DSDQ450/FPS/10 200/325

For 20mm/30mm thickness, please replace the 10 with 20 and 30 respectively.

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