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Sports & Leisure

Strength and integrity for major stadium and arena construction

Sports & Leisure

Strength and integrity for major stadium and arena construction

Ancon steel fixings provide primary structural connections, load transfer and reinforcement continuity in a whole range of large-scale sports and leisure buildings – from landmark Olympic and professional football stadia to public sports centres and event arenas worldwide.

Ancon tension and compression systems are used to brace impressive overhead structural steelwork on eye-catching stadia, while shear load connectors are used to support shifting loads across movement joints in huge sporting structures. Ancon masonry systems provide vital reinforcement for brick, block and stone walls in a host of leisure facilities.

Latest News

Catch up on the latest developments from Ancon

Ancon triumphs in national Think Brick Awards

High-performance masonry support and fixing systems from Ancon have helped three of Australia’s most iconic new buildings to success in the country’s prestigious 2019 Think Brick Awards.

Ancon supports National Safe Work Month

With October designated ‘National Safe Work Month’, Ancon is putting an extra focus on identifying and removing potential work-related risks so that no employee, contractor or visitor gets injured or harmed while working in or visiting the company’s locations.

Ancon Joins 'Think Brick Australia'

Ancon are pleased to confirm that we are now Associate Members of Think Brick Australia in support of their aim to inspire contemporary brick architecture and building design in all areas of the built environment including commercial, residential and landscape.