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Ancon KSN software makes designing wall-to-slab joints simple

New software from ANCON simplifies the design of its KSN Anchor rebar continuity system in wall to slab construction joints, providing safer, faster concrete connections on site.

Ancon KSN Anchors replace re-bend continuity boxes that require bars to be straightened by the physical force of site workers and where pull out bar length is restricted by the box dimensions. Instead, internally-threaded KSN Anchors are simply cast into the wall ready to accept virtually any length of Ancon BT parallel threaded rebar creating fast, safe, high performance connections.

Calculating to the requirements and recommendations of AS3600 / NZS 3101, the KSN software provides designs for moment connections with either a top anchor only or top and bottom anchors, if the latter it performs a full design check, and for tension only applications.

A simple interface enables users to input a range of project-specific data, including concrete grade and wall/slab thickness, associated loads, rebar cover and strength, and anchor spacing. The joint detail is automatically shown to scale on screen, providing an instant visual check that identifies dimensional input errors.

The user selects a preferred KSN Anchor, with the program automatically calculating other suitable anchor sizes and lengths from the range and any additional reinforcement requirements. This analysis enables the designer to choose the most appropriate, cost-effective system for their application.

To further support the busy project engineer, building plans can be imported as an underlay and marked with the precise location of each KSN design case, with all files stored in a digital project folder for ease of reference.

Those requiring a BIM Object of the KSN anchors can download the system from our BIM Object Library.

Ancon Technical Manager, Gary Connah, said

“At Ancon, we understand the value of a good quality design program to an engineer. While the KSN technical brochure provides considerable information and tabulated performance values for typical applications, the software enables an engineer to quickly and confidently analyse the anchor options available and create a unique project specification to the latest design codes.”

The KSN program is the latest addition to Ancon’s software portfolio which includes design tools for Shearfix punching shear reinforcement and DSD shear load connectors.

For more information on the benefits of the KSN System, or to download the software, visit the downloads section.

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