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The Centenary Library, Brisbane, Queensland

Ancon designed and manufactured the stainless steel support and restraint system for the intricate brick façade of the Centenary Library at the heart of the Anglican Church Grammar School.

Image Courtesy of Christopher Frederick Jones

Image Courtesy of Christopher Frederick Jones

This ambitious project, designed by Brand + Slater Architects, was a key part of the school’s master plan to provide a technology-rich, world-class centre for its 1800 students. Comprising four levels, the library features an extensive range of learning spaces including a 250 seat lecture theatre, teaching and meeting rooms, as well as over 80 individual learning areas.

The progressive purpose of the building needed a design to match. Ancon’s specialist knowledge, manufacturing agility, and project management services proved invaluable to the contractor, Rohrig, when building the detailed façade of decorative arches and corbelled brickwork with all structural steelwork now unseen.

Shelf Angle Brick Support

Ancon masonry support systems enabled the large-scale brick cladding installation on this impressive education facility to be completed to the highest safety standards while showcasing its architectural brickwork features.

The MDC and CFA continuous shelf angle support systems carry the intricate brick façade, consisting of complicated archways and projected brickwork. The MDC stainless steel angles are fixed to the reinforced concrete frame, span a 40mm cavity, and create a horizontal shelf to provide the necessary support for up to 3 metres of brickwork. MDC systems can be manufactured by Ancon in a variety of configurations to suit the specific load and cavity of individual applications, and support special features like the suspended brickwork on this project.

Image Courtesy of Christopher Frederick Jones

Image Courtesy of Christopher Frederick Jones

Cast-In Channel

Ancon’s 30/20 cast-in horizontal channels were used to provide the fixing between the concrete frame and shelf angles. The channel enabled the necessary horizontal adjustment for the installer, and its compact size eliminated the issue of potential clashes with the reinforcement steel in the floor slabs.

Nail holes aided the fixing of channels to timber formwork and an infill prevented the ingress of concrete during casting. Cast-in fixings do not generate expansive forces in the concrete. They can therefore be used at close centres and can often be used closer to the edges than expansion fixings.

Wall Ties and Restraint Fixings

To restrain the distinctive brickwork details to the reinforced concrete structure, stainless steel L-shaped SPB and SDB frame cramps were fixed into the reinforced concrete using 6mm FBN expansion bolts.

FBN Single Expansion bolts fix into a hole similar to the diameter of the bolt. This allows the hole to be drilled through the hole in the item to be fixed. The Single Expansion bolt is a cost-effective anchor, available in grade 1.4401 stainless steel in a wide range of sizes.

Technical Expertise

As part of Ancon’s free design service, plans were produced illustrating the location and reference of all the fixings required. Ancon’s early involvement with the structural engineers, Bligh Tanner, on the project enabled a workable and cost effective design to be agreed upon prior to the build of the complex masonry features. Sharing Ancon’s expertise with the clients at this stage of the project meant installation difficulties, sites delays, and unnecessary remedial measures could be avoided.

Ancon Section Detail

Masonry Support

Masonry cladding on steel or concrete framed structures is normally supported by stainless steel shelf angle.

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