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Barangaroo Cultural Centre

A range of Ancon shear load connectors and locking pins contributed to the build of this cavernous new Cultural Centre in Sydney

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Forsyth Barr Stadium, New Zealand

Over 400 Ancon tension bars are installed in this spectacular Rugby World Cup venue

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Eastlink Project, Melbourne

Ancon MBT Headed Anchors have been installed on a section of the Eastlink Project in Melbourne.

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Westpac Place, Sydney, NSW

A Shearfix stud rail system was installed in the concrete frame of Westpac Place

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Orange Hospital, New South Wales

An MDC stainless steel shelf angle system has been installed on the new 300-bed Orange Hospital

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Art Gallery of Western Australia

Ancon designed and manufactured a bespoke masonry support system for the restoration of the gallery’s contemporary façade.

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Melbourne Cricket Ground

Ancon supplied three sizes of shear connectors to the redevelopment of the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

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The Royal Women's Hospital

Over 3,000 DSDQ 50/100 and ESDQ 20 Shear Load Connectors were used in the build of The Royal Women's Hospital in Melbourne

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Product focus

Special Fabrications

Ancon has an impressive international project portfolio. Major projects include the Brisbane North-South Bypass tunnel and the City West Cable Tunnel, Sydney.

Precast Concrete Accessories

Ancon offers an unrivalled service to the precast concrete industry. Our product portfolio of lifting, fixing and anchoring technologies includes European-engineered systems and market leading brands.

Shear Load Connectors

Lockable Dowels replace the use of one-metre 'pour strips' in post-tensioned concrete frames, reducing slab propping time, improving site access and accelerating the rate of construction.

Reinforcement Continuity Systems

Ancon KSN Anchors with BT threaded reinforcing bars can simplify concrete design at construction joints, typically in wall-to-slab applications.

Punching Shear Reinforcement

Used within a slab to provide additional reinforcement around columns, Ancon Shearfix is the ideal solution to the design and construction problems associated with punching shear

Lindapter Weld-Free Steel Connectors

Ancon is the exclusive distributor in Australia of a wide range of Lindapter fixings for steelwork, including cavity, rail and floor fixings.

Reinforcing Bar Couplers

The use of Ancon reinforcing bar couplers can simplify the design and construction of reinforced concrete and reduce the amount of reinforcement required.

Helifix Masonry Repair & Reinforcement

Helifix repair and reinforcement products, with their concealed non-disruptive installation techniques, help to preserve our built environment. They secure and strengthen all masonry structures, from houses and offices to factories and heritage sites.

Latest news

Ancon extends its ‘Lockable’ connector range with the Locking Pin

The new Ancon Locking Pin is ideal for PT applications where tension loads are high but there is little or no shear load.

Ancon launches new, high performance ‘Acoustic Range’

To improve the sound resilience of our structures, Ancon has introduced a new Acoustic range of cavity wall ties and shear dowels.

Ancon opens manufacturing operations in North Island, New Zealand

Ancon is expanding its New Zealand operations with the opening of a new site in Auckland.

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