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One Central Park, Sydney

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Ancon has engineered a bespoke high performance stainless steel channel and bracket solution to support planter boxes on the world’s tallest vertical garden at Sydney’s iconic 117-metre high One Central Park – a defining visual aspect of one of the 50 most influential tall buildings of the last 50 years.

One Central Park, an iconic 38-storey twin-tower mixed residential and retail development, is one of Sydney’s most sustainable buildings. Designed to achieve a minimum 5 Green Star rating it brings together nature with cutting-edge architecture, and includes a host of innovative environmental features including an incredible 80-metre cantilevered sky deck complete with heliostat to capture and reflect sunlight to the buildings’ lower levels, and the world’s tallest vertical gardens, which wrap around the east and north façades of both towers.

The Challenge

The unique design presented joint developers, Frasers Property and Sekisui House, and their architectural team, which included Foster and Partners, PTW and renowned French Architect Jean Nouvel, with a range of structural and decorative challenges – not least, how to support the 5000 heavy duty planter boxes and 21 enormous plant-covered panels that would bring together 39 different plant species to form the stunning vertical gardens.

One Central Park Planters

The Solution

Working alongside the developer's façade team and other project collaborators, Ancon’s engineering team were engaged to assist with the design of a bespoke support solution for the garden’s 5000 heavy-duty planter boxes. The resulting answer involved welding special lugs to the back of individual AnconLock 41/27 stainless steel channels which were cast into the edges of the concrete slabs.

Planter box fixed back to AnconLock 41/27 stainless steel channel cast into concrete

Planter boxes were fixed back to the channel using a specially designed two-part stainless steel bracket system. A bespoke RHS fabrication, also developed in collaboration with Ancon’s engineers, was fixed to the front of the planter boxes to secure the stainless steel tensile wire rope system, from which vines could grow up between floors.

Ancon’s design and engineering team also worked closely with ARC, the Australian Reinforcing Company, to provide a range of structural solutions based on Ancon’s Keybox system and KSN Anchors with BT threading, to reduce congestion and retain reinforcement continuity at key core wall to slab connections throughout the buildings.

Ancon also supplied a range of structural products to reinforce the concrete frame and Halfen Cast-in Channels for the Glazed Curtain Wall, at Park Lane Apartments an integral part of the One Central Park development.  

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