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Tie Length & Density

Tie Length & Density

Tie Length

Wall ties should be of the correct length to ensure they are properly embedded in the masonry. Leviat recommends tie lengths which achieve an embedment of between 62.5mm and 75mm.

Cavity Width (mm)Length of Wall Tie
50-75 200
76-100 225
101-125 250
126-150 275

Spacing for medium duty wall ties - cavity and veneer construction

Masonry Veneer Construction
Design Wind SpeedCavity Masonry450 Stud Walls600 Stud Walls
W28-W41 600x600 600x450 600x600


1. Inner leaf masonry thickness 70 to 150 mm for cavity walls.
2. Around openings and at control joints, the vertical tie spacings are halved (ie the number of ties must be doubled).
3. In veneer construction, masonry must be tied to stud wall framing at all regular stud positions, including gable ends.

Veneer Ties

The spacing of veneer ties should be in accordance with building codes or engineers' specifications. There should be a minimum 15mm cover from any exposed surface.

Remedial Wall Ties

No standard has yet been defined for the spacing of remedial wall ties. However, accepted practice is to follow AS 3700.

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