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Ancon 500 Tension Systems

Ancon 500 Tension Systems

The Ancon 500 is a high performance tension system. It is available in various diameters from 8mm to 42mm in stainless steel.

All components of the system are supplied in stainless steel to provide corrosion resistance. A variety of finishes are available to meet the demanding aesthetic requirements of many architectural applications. The bar used in this system has a minimum yield of 500MPa.

  • Stainless steel 
  • Bars from 8mm to 42mm diameter
  • Choice of finishes
  • Aesthetically designed forks
  • Locking nut included as standard
  • Full adjustment within fork connectors
  • Visual check of correct installation
  • Isolation supplied as standard 

Ancon 500 System - Stainless Steel

Bar Size (mm) 8 10 12 16 20 24 30 36 42
Design Resistance (kN) 17.4 28.8 52.0 84.2 152.4 188.8 300.2 406.1 543.0

Surface finish is usually an important factor in applications using stainless steel. Ancon bars are bright drawn as standard but can be hand polished if required. The stainless steel forks and locking nuts can be supplied electro-polished, satin-polished or hand polished.

Isolation System

Isolation material is supplied as standard to enable its fixing to a connecting plate of a dissimilar metal. Each stainless steel fork connector is supplied with two clear, self-adhesive, PET (polyester) washers to be applied around the fixing hole either side of the structure. Stainless steel pins feature a PTFE coating around the barrel.

Building Information Modelling

For a BIM Object of this product, please click here.

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