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EdjPro System

EdjPro System

Edge-Lifting Systems for Factory-Cast Panels

The EdjPro system was specifically developed to eliminate cracking and spalling around edge anchors. It is ideal for lifting thin factory cast panels where a high finish is required, typically visible and exterior walls.

Use of the EdjPro system will ensure panels remain in their perfect factory-cast condition, avoiding remedial work and lowering overall costs.

The Ancon range of edge lifting systems consists of three lifting anchors with working load limits of 4, 7 and 10 tonnes in tension. Each system type includes the anchors, clutches and recess formers needed for the safe, fast and efficient handling of a wide range of precast concrete items during manufacture, transport and installation.

EdjPro lifting anchors work in conjunction with tension bars to provide the optimal tension capacity. The anchors are optimised to provide the maximum shear capacity to avoid cracking while de-moulding at low concrete strength.

  • Designed and tested to meet the requirements of AS 3850:2015

  • Three load ranges with 4, 7 and 10 tonnes WLL cover all applications 

  • Thin anchor and clutch design provides maximum clearance to avoid cracking and spalling

  • Anchors feature rubber plugs to prevent concrete setting in the lifting hole

  • Anchors and clutches clearly marked with WLL and batch number

  • No site delays to wait for cleaning of clogged hole

Classic EdjPro EPA04

Ideal for lifting thin factory-cast panels, from 100mm thickness.

The EdjPro EPA04 Edge Lifting System is the smallest EdjPro anchor and is ideal for thin panels. The extremely narrow system components provide a Working Load (WLL) of 4 tonnes in tension for panels as thin as 100mm. All components are designed around the thin EPA04 anchor to provide the maximum possible concrete cover while ensuring the required clearance to the surrounding concrete. This avoids concrete spalling during the introduction of shear loads.

Clockwise from the top: Clutch EPLC05, Anchor EPA04, W-bar, Recess Former EPRF04

EdjPro EPHI07

Ideal for lifting plain or step-joint precast panels.

The EdjPro EPHI07 Edge Lifting System has been specifically developed to be used in the Australian construction industry and is ideal for 150mm thick precast panels. The I-shaped anchor combines maximum capacity and stiffness with a thin anchor design. Like all lifting anchors from the EdjPro series the EPHI07 complies with the latest revision of Australian Standard AS 3850.1.

Clockwise from the top: Clutch EPNLC07, Anchor EPHI07, Shear Bar, Recess Former EPNRF07

EdjPro Narrow

Ideal for lifting thin factory-cast panels. Suitable for a 125mm panel width.

The EdjPro EPNA10 Narrow Anchor is the strongest in the EdjPro range providing a Working Load (WLL) of up to 10 tonnes when used with 20mm tension bar for panels as thin as 125mm. All components have been designed to provide the maximum clearance from the clutch to the concrete panel edge to avoid concrete spalling. For ship-lap panels the anchor can also be used in combination with the EdjPro Narrow Clutch.

Clockwise from the top: Narrow Clutch, Narrow Anchor, Narrow Recess Former

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