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Halfen Channels

Halfen Channels

Ancon is the exclusive distributor of Halfen fixings in Australia. Brief details of the Halfen products most commonly used by the precast industry are shown here.

For more information, please consult Halfen technical literature which is available to download here or alternatively discuss your project needs with an Ancon representative.

Halfen HTA and HZA Cast-In Channels

When fixing to concrete, Halfen cast-in channels provide almost unlimited adjustment along the line of the channel and can eliminate expensive site drilling. Cast-in fixings do not generate expansive forces in the concrete and can be used at close centres and closer to edges than expansion fixings.

HTA Cold formed, cast-in channels
HZA Cold formed, toothed cast-in channels
HTA Hot rolled, cast in channels – Suitable for dynamic loads
HZA Dynagrip Hot rolled, toothed cast-in channels – Suitable for dynamic loads

More product information is available in the Halfen Channel literature:

Latest News

HALFEN AS5216-Compliant Anchor Channels from Ancon

Available exclusively in Australia from Ancon, HALFEN HTA Anchor Channels demonstrate compliance with Australian Standard AS5216 ‘Design of Post-installed and Cast-in Fastenings’ through a new European Technical Assessment (ETA).