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QwikForm Precast Formwork System

QwikForm Modular Formwork System

QwikForm Modular Formwork System

Innovative, modular, feature-packed, aluminium formwork system that provides significant advantages over traditional timber and steel formwork.

QwikForm is a rigid freestanding formwork system for use on steel casting beds, modular in construction, packed full of user-friendly features and available with a wide range of accessories. It suits a panel thickness from 150mm to 250mm.

QwikForm System


  • Saves significant time and labour
  • Simplifies casting bed set up/checks
  • Rationalises formwork stock

System Features

  • Magnets in the base are easily locked down locating the unit in desired position
  • Durable non-stick powder coating for easy stripping without release oil/surface preparation
  • Reversible top and bottom profiles create either square or 12mm chamfered panel edges
  • Robust aluminium top profile resists damage from helicopter
  • Polyurethane bottom profile provides effective seal with casting bed
  • Standard unit height easily extended with slide-on aluminium top strips
  • Steel connector plates mechanically join QwikForm units end-to-end, maintaining perfect alignment
  • Intersection piece forms right angle with adjacent QwikForm at any point, so no cutting required
  • Steel end caps prevent concrete/dirt ingress, protect magnets and restrain top and bottom chamfers
  • Accepts QwikMag high strength magnetic clamps to resist side wall pressure during pour

Technical Specification

Panel Thickness (mm)QwikForm Components Required
150 150mm Side Form + Standard Top Profile
175 175mm Side Form + Standard Top Profile
180 150mm Side Form + 30mm Extension Strip
200 200mm Side Form + Standard Top Profile or 150mm Side Form + 50mm Extension Strip
205 175mm Side Form + 30mm Extension Strip
225 175mm Side Form + 50mm Extension Strip
230 200mm Side Form + 30mm Extension Strip
250 200mm Side Form + 50mm Extension Strip

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