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Welcome to the Ancon newsletter. In this issue find out about the innovative 'Lockable Dowel' for temporary movement joints, a new range of plate dowel systems and the recent merger of Ancon and Unicon Systems.

Lockable Dowels for Temporary Movement Joints

Dowels transfer load across joints in concrete. At expansion and contraction joints, dowels are used with a sleeve to allow movement.

The new ‘Lockable Dowel’ allows initial shrinkage of the concrete to take place and is then locked in position with epoxy resin, inserted from the top of the slab. The locked dowel continues to transfer vertical load, but movement can no longer take place.

This innovative product was developed by Ancon for use at temporary movement joints, most commonly constructed in post-tensioned slabs where pour size can be considerable.
Use of these dowels replaces the need for 1 metre wide ‘pour strips’ to be left in concrete slabs.

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Ancon Lockable Dowel

NEW: Plate Dowel Systems

Ancon has launched a range of plate dowel systems for use in ground bearing floor slabs. 

MultiJoint is an all-in-one solution to load transfer, concrete contraction, armoured edge protection and formwork. It is ideal for floors in factories and distribution centres. A unique patented top profile transfers impact loads into the concrete at an angle, to avoid localised cracking. 

Individual rectangular plate dowels housed in innovative, high strength plastic, tapered sleeves are also available. 

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Ancon MultiJoint

Unicon joins Ancon

Ancon Building Products is pleased to announce its merger with Unicon, a supplier of lifting and anchoring systems to the Australian precast concrete market.

Chris Brooks, Manager of the new Unicon division says, “Working together, Ancon and Unicon will provide an unrivalled service to the precast concrete industry. We have vastly experienced and knowledgeable staff, and thanks to Ancon’s infrastructure we can offer a more comprehensive product portfolio and local stock nationwide.”

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Ancon and Unicon Merge


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