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Welcome to the Ancon newsletter. In this issue we look at our latest product launch, KSN Anchors, and their advantages over other reinforcement continuity systems.

New Product Alert: KSN Anchors

With the launch of Ancon KSN Anchors, engineers can now design slab-to-wall construction joints without the restrictions of traditional reinforcement continuity systems or the awkward anchorage lengths demanded by reinforcing bar couplers.

KSN Anchors are cast into the concrete wall and, when the formwork and thread protection are removed, the reinforcing bars are simply screwed into the anchors. This is a quicker, easier and above all, safer solution, as no bar straightening is required on site.

The enhanced performance offered by KSN Anchors in slab-to-wall moment connections has been verified by independent tests. Complete technical information on this system is now available online.

KSN Anchors

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