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Welcome to the latest Ancon newsletter. In this issue we launch our new KSN Anchor design program and introduce the new 'all-in-one' steelwork clamp from Lindapter.

KSN Anchor software to simplify the design of wall-to-slab joints 

New software from Ancon simplifies the design of our KSN Anchor rebar continuity system in wall to slab construction joints, providing safer, faster concrete connections on site.

The KSN system comprises internally-threaded anchors which are cast into the wall and, during construction of the adjoining slab, accept continuation bars prepared with an Ancon BT parallel-thread.

Calculating to the requirements of AS 3600 / NZS 3101, the KSN software provides designs for moment connections and tension only applications.

A simple interface enables users to input a range of project-specific data with the joint detail automatically shown to scale on screen providing an instant visual check of accuracy.

The user selects a preferred KSN Anchor, with the program automatically calculating other suitable anchor sizes and lengths from the range and any additional reinforcement requirements. This analysis enables the designer to choose the most appropriate, cost-effective system for their application.

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KSN Anchors slab to wall applications

Ancon extends Lindapter range with ‘all-in-one’ steelwork clamp

Ancon is the approved local distributor of Lindapter’s innovative weld-free fasteners. We are delighted to introduce the new ‘all in one’ AAF to the Australian market.

The Lindapter AAF is a new steelwork clamp for connecting steel sections that offers increased adjustability, anti-corrosion protection and a high load capacity, even in low temperature environments.

The clamp features an innovative 2-part design that self-adjusts to suit a range of flange thicknesses, allowing contractors to use a single product type for multiple connection requirements.

Typical applications of the AAF include securing steel framed roofs, heavy pipe supports, mechanical handling equipment and bridge strengthening apparatus.

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Lindapter AAF

Other News

Use of Helifix systems in Seismic Applications

Ancon Sydney's Business Expansion 

UniLift and DEHA Lifting Clutches

Helifix Seismic Upgrades

Helifix's cost-effective retrofit systems are being used in seismic areas to add strength and ductility to masonry when upgrading structures or restoring earthquake damaged sites.

Ancon Sydney Head Office

Earlier this year, the Ancon head office and main manufacturing and warehousing site relocated to an impressive new facility at 98 Kurrajong Avenue, Mount Druitt, NSW.

UniLift Lifting Clutch

The UniLift and DEHA clutches provide the ideal lifting and handling system for a wide variety of precast concrete products, particularly in civil engineering applications.

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